In life there’s up and downs. This blog is about both, the good and the bad.

My story…

I’ve been an automotive technician for going on 16 years. I have always felt a calling for something more. I’ve tried everything to get out of the field -network marketing, start a clothing line, body building. All with not much success. I always wanted the freedom that comes with online business but have always struggle with how it is to make an online business work. I finally found something that is working, and that is all mine! In November 2015 I had an idea for making some covers for my Beats By Dre Studio headphones. It wasn’t until my wife stepped and made the prototype and then I knew I had something that could sell and could finally give me the freedom I craved. I have learned the constant and steady effort that get results. I have always heard of people just exploding when their product hit the market but what I never saw is the real back side of what they have been doing. I have always felt like I was this five percenter, like I didn’t like doing what everyone else was OK with doing. I want more. I wanted the be the 5 % of the population that works out consistently, the 5% that watch what they eat, the 5% who earn 95% of the income. The 5% who are willing to risk everything because they believe what they are doing will bring greatness to them.

The 5% that think different than the 95% of the population. The 5% in life, business and work.