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“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

When it rains, it pours. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, then life picks on you. Those days when I feel like nothing right was happening anymore. They were the worst. It’s draining all my energy, all my motivation, all my hopes. It’s inviting a negative energy and I refused living that way. I have to do something.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become,” said this Buddha quote that I came across with on my Facebook newsfeed. For some reason, I felt like that random post was meant for me. It reminded me about how thoughts can greatly affect our being.

I used to attend yoga classes years back and that really helped me focus on the goods than the bad. But because of schedule conflicts, I stopped. It wasn’t until today that I realized how important it is to clear your head, to seek for peaceful mind. So I started meditating. I take the last 10 minutes of my workout and listen to a meditation playlist. Just laying on my back and focusing on hearing myself breath. At first I struggle to just get through a couple seconds before my mind would drift off, but now I’m up to almost a minute. LOL. I have to constantly remind myself to just listen to my breath. But by the end of it, it gives me kind of a peacefulness, I have to remind myself that it’s ok to let my mind wonder off, then gently guide myself back to my breath. It makes sense why it helps, we are always thinking. There would never be a point in any part of my day to just stop and listen to the sounds of my breath and give my mind a rest. This is part of that 5%er. How much people do you think stop their day and just listen to the sound of their breath? Just about 5%…  Some of my best ideas come out right after my meditation.  Sometimes all we need to do is just stop and listen.

Day 1… Failing


I can’t even stand the thought of it. It’s a thing that our instinct perceives as a bad thing – a horrible thing. But today was different.

Everyone who had been there have always shared their journey. You’ve been told how hard it is. You’ve been warned how disappointing it is and yet, when it happens to you, it’s almost impossible to believe it is happening. It feels so unreal. Trust me, I know how it feels as I had been there today.

My plan that I thought would take my business to the next level had been officially crushed today. It was a failure. It made me doubt my abilities and my decision making. It made me doubt myself. I was frustrated. Today was a failure.

Or was it really? There is this one thing that I had to do as a part of my plan. And it was something that I am uncomfortable to do. But I did it. So, was it really a failure for me? When things don’t go the way as planned, we tend to lose our sight about what failure really is or when a failure becomes really a failure. I guess at the end of the day,


it is only a failure when you don’t see anything good out of the result of your effort. It is only a failure when YOU think YOU FAILED. It is up to YOU to either take it as a failure or to take it as a PART OF THE ROAD YOU HAVE TO PASS BY TOWARDS SUCCESS. 

Yesterday, I always say I failed. But today, I say, things and situations failed. Not me, not my dreams. Just things and situations. Things and situations that I learned lesson from. Things and situations that made me better. Things and situations that can always be improved and re-planned for betterment. 🙂